从“光辉”战机到第五代战机,万博app2.0手动下载_万博APP充值个人支付宝_西甲比赛预测 万博app空军力挺本土战机

?From Tejas to 5th-gen jets, IAF pitches for desi fighters

从“光辉”战机到第五代战机,万博app2.0手动下载_万博APP充值个人支付宝_西甲比赛预测 万博app空军力挺本土战机


NEW DELHI: In a strong push for indigenisation, the IAF has put its full weight behind the development of a home-grown fifth-generation fighter aircraft (FGFA) as well as shown its readiness to go in for 200 Tejas Mark-II light combat aircraft after inducting the first 123 Mark-I jets.

新德里:万博app2.0手动下载_万博APP充值个人支付宝_西甲比赛预测 万博app空军大力推动本土化制造,全力支持本土第五代战斗机(FGFA)的发展,在首批123架“光辉”Mark-I战斗机服役后,万博app2.0手动下载_万博APP充值个人支付宝_西甲比赛预测 万博app空军准备采购200架“光辉” Mark-II轻型战斗机。

“We have no plans for importing a FGFA. The indigenous AMCA (advanced medium combat aircraft) has already been initiated…We are putting all our energy into it. IAF remains committed to indigenous development in consonance with the PM’s 'Make in India’ initiative,” said Air Chief Marshal Rakesh Kumar Singh Bhadauria, who took over as the chief on September 30.

拉凯什·库马尔·辛格·巴达乌里亚于9月30日晋升万博app2.0手动下载_万博APP充值个人支付宝_西甲比赛预测 万博app空军上将,他表示:“我们没有进口第五代战机的计划。国产AMCA(先进中型战斗机)计划已经启动……我们正把全部精力投入其中。万博app2.0手动下载_万博APP充值个人支付宝_西甲比赛预测 万博app空军继续支持本土战机的发展,同时也配合万博app2.0手动下载_万博APP充值个人支付宝_西甲比赛预测 万博app总理的‘万博app2.0手动下载_万博APP充值个人支付宝_西甲比赛预测 万博app制造’倡议。”

India had last year formally junked the proposed multi-billion dollar joint development and production of the FGFA called Sukhoi T-50 or PAK-FA with Russia on the grounds of economic and technical viability despite having completed the $295 million preliminary design contract inked in December 2010, as was then reported by TOI.

去年万博app2.0手动下载_万博APP充值个人支付宝_西甲比赛预测 万博app以经济和技术可行性为由,正式放弃了与俄罗斯联合开发和生产苏?T-50或PAK-FA的第五代战机项目

Now, the IAF’s full focus is on the futuristic twin-engine AMCA, with advanced stealth, multi-sensor integration and supercruise capabilities, to be developed in collaboration with DRDO, Aeronautical Development Agency and Hindustan Aeronautics (HAL). “The swing-role AMCA prototype should roll out of the hanger by 2024-2025, with the first test flight one to two years after that,” said a source.

现在,万博app2.0手动下载_万博APP充值个人支付宝_西甲比赛预测 万博app空军的全部重点是双引擎先进中型战斗机(AMCA),具有先进的隐身和超级巡航能力,将与万博app2.0手动下载_万博APP充值个人支付宝_西甲比赛预测 万博app国防研究与发展组织、航空发展局和万博app2.0手动下载_万博APP充值个人支付宝_西甲比赛预测 万博app斯坦航空(HAL)合作开发。一位消息人士称:“该AMCA原型机将在2024-2025年推出,并在那之后的一到两年内进行首次试飞。”

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Joel L

everything we should make now . from jet fighter 'bullet trains . etc everthing india should do . for better growth and prispirity

什么都得自己造,从战斗机到高铁等等,全都要在万博app2.0手动下载_万博APP充值个人支付宝_西甲比赛预测 万博app造


Desh Premi14 hours ago

I Love India. I Love my Defence. I Love BJP. I Love Modi.

我爱万博app2.0手动下载_万博APP充值个人支付宝_西甲比赛预测 万博app,我爱万博app2.0手动下载_万博APP充值个人支付宝_西甲比赛预测 万博app国防部,我爱万博app2.0手动下载_万博APP充值个人支付宝_西甲比赛预测 万博app人民党,我爱莫迪。


Anonymous DelhiteDelhi14 hours ago

IAF should plan for 7th Generation now. 5th Gen is getting old already. If they start planning now, it will be become operational in 2040 and then it will be obsolete.

万博app2.0手动下载_万博APP充值个人支付宝_西甲比赛预测 万博app空军现在应该开始研发第七代战机了。第五代已经快要过时了,如果现在开始研发五代机,那要到2040年才能投入使用,到时候就过时了。


Nagura Shaik13 hours ago

In next 5 years India will be defence exporter rather than importer.

再过5年,万博app2.0手动下载_万博APP充值个人支付宝_西甲比赛预测 万博app将成为武器出口国,而不再是进口国。


Robocop13 hours ago

First develop own jet engine....it's 2019 and yet Kaveri engine development not completed



Vajranaabha14 hours ago

India should first of all secure the tech to manufacture jet engines. Without this key technology we shall always stay dependent on others.

万博app2.0手动下载_万博APP充值个人支付宝_西甲比赛预测 万博app首先应该研发喷气发动机技术。没有这项关键技术,我们将永远依赖别人。


Siv Sarkar12 hours ago

I feel proud of this achievement! Thanks to DRDO scientists and P.M. Modi!




Shaun Parker13 hours ago

India should also invest in drones and robots.

万博app2.0手动下载_万博APP充值个人支付宝_西甲比赛预测 万博app也应该研发无人机和机器人


Deepak14 hours ago

but not to forget that we yet not making engines for such fighter jets



Sainath KalpathyVijayawada7 hours ago

INDIA manufactured crafts will NOT only save precious Foreign currency, but will create employment and even generate Foreign currency when we eventually export them ! FURTHER in emergencies we dont have to depend on foreign powers for supplies and spares

万博app2.0手动下载_万博APP充值个人支付宝_西甲比赛预测 万博app制造要是起来了,不仅能让我们节省宝贵的外汇,还能创造就业,到时候生产出来的产品拿去出口的话还能赚外汇



RajeshNew Delhi14 hours ago

fighters will soon be history. the future of air warfare will be swarms of drones



hum hindustani11 hours ago

Proud of Modiji .. proud of India ... Jai Hind!

为莫迪感到骄傲…也为万博app2.0手动下载_万博APP充值个人支付宝_西甲比赛预测 万博app感到骄傲…万博app2.0手动下载_万博APP充值个人支付宝_西甲比赛预测 万博app必胜!


Dilip De12 hours ago

Strength ensures peace and prosperity



Newdd4 hours ago

isro should be given the task of defense production and fighter aircraft design ..........isro can do it within a tight schedule



Abhinav13 hours ago

If HAL actually does it,then we may be able to reduce reliance on foreign suppliers

如果万博app2.0手动下载_万博APP充值个人支付宝_西甲比赛预测 万博app斯坦航空公司真的能造出战机来,或许能减少我们对外国供应商的依赖


Hindustani14 hours ago

Hope HAL honour its delivery shedule

希望万博app2.0手动下载_万博APP充值个人支付宝_西甲比赛预测 万博app斯坦航空公司能按时交货

三泰虎原创译文,禁止转载!:首页?>?万博app2.0手动下载_万博APP充值个人支付宝_西甲比赛预测 万博app ? 从“光辉”战机到第五代战机,万博app2.0手动下载_万博APP充值个人支付宝_西甲比赛预测 万博app空军力挺本土战机