?No Tata Nano production in first 9 months of 2019, just 1 unit sold



NEW DELHI: Tata Motors has not produced a single unit of its entry-level car Nano in the first nine months of 2019 but sold just one unit in February in the domestic market although it is yet to officially announce that the model has been discontinued.


The company has so far been maintaining that no decision has been made yet on the future of the Nano saying production planning of a car is a "conscious management of demand, system inventory and planned efficiencies".


It has, however, admitted that in its current form, the Nano will not meet the new safety regulations and BS-VI emission norms.


Nano, which was unveiled in January 2008 at the Auto Expo with much expectations of being the people's car, could not live up to the billing. Its sales have been dwindling over the years.


In the January-September period 2018, Tata Motors had produced a total of 297 units and sold 299 units of the Nano in the domestic market, according to the filings.


The Nano was launched in the market in March 2009 with an initial price of close to Rs 1 lakh for the basic model despite cost escalations, with Tata insisting that "a promise is a promise".


Tata had admitted that the company made the mistake of promoting the Nano as 'the cheapest car'.


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NITIN KALE - 21 hours ago -Follow

Unfortunately, 90% of people who curse nano haven''t even once tried it.It is the best car for city driving.



Nikhil Benhur - Hyderabad - 1 day ago -Follow

Tata has made an effort no automobile company has done.



RCH - 22 hours ago -Follow

Nano is not a bad car at all and I can vouch from personal exp. It is super in 1st gear hill climbs,, super on rough roads...low maintenance and excellent for Desi conditions. It is a pity that it flopped commercially



Indian - 1 day ago -Follow

The Tata Nano today is over priced by 2 times. This the cause of its failure.



Rohit - Mumbai - 19 hours ago

WHAT THE NEED OF THIS NEWS ARTICLE?? I Fail to understand, SIMPLY DEFAMING TATA Motors and its stock price as WE ALL TATA NANO WAS Ambitious project but failed, nothing new. So stop writing such unnecessary articles or cook up news.



leladhar44 - Kuwait - 21 hours ago -Follow




Dr - 15 hours ago -Follow

Converting Nano to electric model is good idea. It would surely hit the markets as we are moving towards e-vehicles. Mr. Ratan Tata should think about it...



Anand Rao - 1 day ago -Follow

This is the perfect example of foolish Modi is. He can only market things but has zero understanding of economy and markets.

Now Tata lost money, those who bought the car are suffering and he farmers lost their fertile land!!!!




Megainfrastructure - 14 hours ago -Follow

Build electric nano



Padmanaban - Hyderabad - 15 hours ago -Follow

Convert the Nano to Electric Vehicle, it will be less loss and sale will increase, with the cheap car label.



Ayub Ali Khan - N R MOHALLA MYSORE - 17 hours ago -Follow

Please make some more advance in Nano, its wonderful vehicle we love it.



Guest - 19 hours ago -Follow

people rejected Nano because it was looking like a Toy Car at a price of Rs.2 lakhs compared to Maruti WagonR looking sturdy at rs 3 lakhs. in the beginning it was to compete with two wheelers but the price was 4times of it. The go nment should have encouraged Nano by reducing Excise duty and other taxes.



Godfather Senior - Mumbai - 22 hours ago -Follow

The dream price of 1 Lakh rupees is certainly a non profitable one and also causing losses to the makers. The product was stopped even before the recession started. Now all all eagerly waiting for still more economically running Electric cars than going for any fossil fuel engines.



Rich Tech - 22 hours ago -Follow

In India we should ban any cars below 12 lakh price.... double the property tax, income tax and parking tax if no patking space at home or office alloted... the mindset of providing cars to all citizens should be stopped. Invest heavily in public transportation... you will see significant traffic change and pollution control.....

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rinkuu - 1 day ago -Follow

no one wants to purchase the tata nano car already tata motors are suffering from huge losses



Shiju - 20 hours ago -Follow

This was the perfect car for metro cities. very easy to drive as well as to park. TATA should think of making Electric Namo if meeting BS VI norms is tough.

Nano是最适合在大都市开的车。开车和停车都很方便。如果很难达到BS VI标准,塔塔应该考虑生产电动版Namo。


Shahazadh - 21 hours ago -Follow

Nano can be made into a full electric car. Safety was the main issue with nano considering its size. Ratan Tata s honest attempt to make a cheap car did not bear fruit.



Chetan - Mumbai - 4 hours ago -Follow

Car is good. However, repeated increases in price and promoting it as a "cheap" car went against besides spares of most Tata vehicals are difficult to find.



Kero Mal - 1 day ago -Follow

Nano is not a Car, it actually alternate to 3 wheeler... No one will able to drive it on Highway...people opt for 4-5 years second hand another proper car then to go with brand new Nano.



Strategic Speaking - 5 hours ago -Follow

Perfect. If TATA is not producing enough Nano cars and not providing jobs for the people, the land they acquired need to be taken back.



Amit - Phnom Penh - 17 hours ago -Follow

I would feel ashamed to drive a Nano.. it signifies poor and desperate wants a car.


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